Individual Assessment, Consultation and Intervention

This is the most appropriate choice for most clients. Please refer to Mantra Livings OT screening tool and Referral Form, or call if you have any questions about services.

Small Group Programs

These are offered only on occasion and can be provided if client needs and compatibility arise

  • Feeding group: For children who are having difficulties with feeding due to sensory or motor challenges
  • Scribbled & Snips: For children and their parents who need some support to develop the foundation skills for success with pre-printing, drawing and scissor skills
  • Pencil Pals: Developing printing skills using a multisensory developmental approach
  • Handwriting: A multisensory approach to learning cursive writing
  • Legibility: For children and their parents, an approach and strategies to improve legibility
  • Mindful Movement: Helping kids with Developmental Coordination Disorder to learn gross motor skills
  • Sensibilities: Supporting kids and their families to explore their sensory needs in a safe environment using a variety of sensory approaches to learn how they regulate themselves so that they can participate in learning and play better

Workshops for Parents and Professionals

  • Sensory Processing and Strategies
  • Fine Motor Foundations- Is your child Kindergarten Ready? Setting Kids up For Success - an occupational therapy perspective
  • Handwriting Without Tears © (Jan Olsen, OTR)
  • The Alert Program ® and Strategies for Self-Regulation
  • Developing Hygiene Skills for Children with Developmental Delays
  • Best Practice: How to use social stories, visuals and chaining effectively- A summary of the literature
  • Do you have a topic of interest? Contact us to see if we can develop a seminar to meet your needs

Mantra Living offers a free phone consultation to determine if occupational therapy services are right for you and your child, contact us for more information.

*It is best to explore your options and choose a therapist with the same care you would choose any of your other health care providers


  • Your extended benefits may cover private therapy similar to how your plan deals with physiotherapy or chiropractics
  • All costs are tax deductable as medical expenses at the end of the year
  • HST exempt
  • Occupational Therapy is $105 an hour. This fee is based on the BCSOT Private Practice Fee Guidelines
  • Rates for groups and workshops are set individually
  • Additional Funding may be available to you through funding sources such as the Autism Funding Program or the At Home program

*All rates are subject to change